All Tattoos are priced individually based upon size and placement. We do not give quotes over the phone or e-mail, as you must be present. You may make your appointment over the phone. Our shop minimum is $90. Larger tattoos that may take multiple sessions or a few hours will have a set hourly rate of $150.00 per hour. Deposits are required for all appointments. Your deposit goes not just toward the total of your tattoo but also for time designing your artwork. If we need to completely redesign your art when you arrive, due to a last minute change of mind, an additional fee will be included to cover time. Deposits are used for the final session and are a part of the total cost (not additional) though required to hold your spot. Deposits are NOT refundable! If you need to reschedule we require 48 hours notice. Deposits are also not transferable between you and another person. If you fail to show up or call (within 15 minutes of your scheduled appointment) you forfeit your deposit and will need to make new appointment and leave a new deposit. Deposits will be doubled for no-call, no-shows. We suggest making an appointment, that way you can guarantee your spot and time. We do take walk-ins when time allows. Call ahead for availability.

Age Requirements

Anyone receiving a tattoo MUST be 18 years of age or older with proper ID. Massachusetts state law prohibits anyone under the age of 18 to receive a tattoo. There is NO parental consent allowed. If you are under 18 we will NOT work on you.

What To Expect

Each person is going to have a different experience. First thing we would suggest is making sure you have had a good meal before getting a tattoo. It helps to have the extra strength and sugar in your system. Second, it’s going to hurt, but nothing too crazy though; they tend to be more annoying than painful. Example: Like you want to scratch an itch that’s just beyond reach. The best suggestion is to breathe normally and keep your body relaxed. The more relaxed you are the easier the tattoo will be for you. Finally, places where you have more nerve endings tend to be more sensitive i.e., places where you are ticklish (your sides, ribs, feet, etc.).

After Care

Once you leave the shop with your new tattoo, the most important part of keeping your tattoo healthy and looking new is all in how you take care of it.
Instructions For The Aftercare Of Your Tattoo

Treat your new tattoo as an open wound. Keep it CLEAN! Do NOT touch your tattoo with dirty hands!!
-Before cleaning your tattoo, wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap.
-Carefully remove bandage and tape. If the bandage sticks at all to the affected area, use some warm water to help it along. DO NOT RIP it off!
-Using a mild soap (dial, dove), Nothing with Fragrance (axe bodywash or any other perfumed soaps). Clean the area with the mild soap and warm water. Rinse thoroughly, only using your hand(s). Do NOT use a wash cloth or towel. Once clean, PAT dry with a clean towel.
-Let the tattoo air dry for 5-10 minutes, then apply a thin coat of Tattoo Majik. (Do NOT use Vaseline!) -Petroleum Products tend to clog the pores and make it difficult for Tattoos to properly heal.
-Repeat the cleaning process a couple of times a day for the first 7-14 days. Apply aftercare 2 times daily (LESS IS MORE) over saturating your fresh tattoo can cause scabbing and irritation.
-Healing usually takes 7-14 days, depending on the tattoo. Some peoples skin may take longer. As it’s healing, expect it to peel like a sunburn would. This is normal.
-Do NOT pick at it during the healing process. You could end up pulling ink out or damaging your skin. Allow any skin that’s flaking to fall off on it’s own.
-If your tattoo itches you should slap or pat it. NEVER scratch it!
-Avoid Direct sunlight, chlorine (swimming pools, hot tubs), Steam rooms or saunas while your tattoo is healing.
-Once your tattoo has finished flaking you can use sunscreen when you are in the sun. using it while your tattoo is healing can irritate the skin due to the ingredients.

Consult your artist and a health care provider for:
1. Unexpected redness, tenderness or swelling at the sit of your tattoo.
2. Any rash
3. Unexpected Drainage at or from the site of your tattoo
4. A fever within 24 hours of the tattoo

Please check out the following:

As always 5% discount for Military personal and first-responders. Must show ID